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Our Beginnings

The story of Malaysia PropTech Association (MPA), began in 2017 as PERSATUAN TEKNOLOGI HARTANAH MALAYSIA, representing and promoting the interest of nearly 60  enthusiastic Malaysian leaders, all part of the PropTech ecosystem.

MPA is committed to pushing value, growth, and opportunities to all its members. Since its inception, MPA consists of various Proptech, Contech, and RE Fintech organizations. We are recognized as the representative for the Property & Construction Technology solution providers.

About Malaysia PropTech Association

Malaysia Proptech Association offers outreach and vision for the Malaysian property sector, with an aim to create value for all members, associated industry partners, government, and academic institutions through the following 4 pillars:
  • Professional Development

    MPA educates, informs, and communicates by developing a connected PropTech ecosystem, channeling effective and relevant information among members and externally. MPA elevates the Malaysian PropTech Industry, and beyond, through events, industry content, and employment opportunities. The next 5 years will deliver a tremendous growth path for the PropTech industry worldwide. MPA will lead at the forefront of the Asian expansion.

  • Connect

    MPA prides itself on establishing connections with industry stakeholders, academics, private and public funding entities, regional and global associations, and main players. PropTech solutions need to be innovative, relevant to the ecosystem stakeholders, scalable, and consequently are in need of great support from all these different players. MPA does not limit itself to the Malaysian borders but aims for a global network.

  • Community

    MPA puts people before technology, with a high level of integrity, neutrality, respect, and accountability. It is a platform designed to facilitate collaboration between all market participants and stakeholders in the PropTech ecosystem. With the collaborative effort, teamwork, and a will to win, MPA will enable its members to grow and impact the ecosystem.

  • Investors

    An industry heavily relying on technology, requires a consistent stream of funding. MPA Builds effective investor outreach programs tailored to serve members’ needs. MPA has been working closely with local and global investment platforms, attracting some of them to a discussion roundtable aiming to a widening the funding opportunities for MPA members and in general to all technological startups in Malaysia.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

– The7 Modern Business –

The PropTech Landscape Today

PropTech in Asia has become highly relevant and the past and current pandemic situation has eased an even faster adoption of newly developed digital solutions. PropTech solutions are nowadays ranging from the early stage of development with collection of market data and their analysis through algorithmic models, to construction management solutions and a wide range of digitised tools for property developers. PropTech has developed highly functional technologies to manage buildings, both residential and commercial, and IOT based solutions for an easier implementation and achievement of SmartCities. Rental market, legal aspect of the built environment, blockchain based applications, access to shared database of market information, ai driven analysis of growth paths and future trends are an integral part of all the above.
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The Malaysia National Digital Economy Blueprint & Digital Transformation Plan

MPA fully supports and openly promotes digital adoption at every single level of the built environment in line with the direction given by the government. MPA is committed to contributing to the growth and development of Malaysian talents while expanding regionally and globally to create more awareness of all Malaysian offerings in terms of new technologies and the local startups ecosystem.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

– The7 Modern Business –

Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and ESG

MPA’s strong commitment to both the ESG principles and the 17 goals of SDG-2030 comes to practical actions within our participation to PropTech For Good, an EU-based network working towards a more sustainable application of new technologies towards an easier achievement of several of the 17 goals. Particularly, MPA promotes and applies the framework proposed by the following goals:

UNSDG Goal 1

By creating new easily accessible jobs and helping the upskilling trend.

UNSDG Goal 4

By working closely with education public, private and international entities to bridge academic with the actual demand of businesses and by offering to students and graduates a wide range of opportunities

UNSDG Goal 5

Gender equality is one of the fundamental values and within the Mission/Vision Statement of MPA

UNSDG Goal 8

MPA contributes in adapting the working environment to the ever-changing trends and cares about the wellbeing of all employees.

UNSDG Goal 9

By promoting innovation and sustainable technology applied to the current challenges in terms of pandemic and affordable quality housing

UNSDG Goal 11

By providing services and technology to help building smarter cities through the adoption of user-friendly and highly inclusive new technologies and digitalised solutions.