Word From The President

Welcome to you, the visitor of the Malaysia PropTech Association website. Let me give you a very short introduction of what our association is and what is offering to all our members, associates, visitors, and more.


What we do is simple, we have been pulling together as many as possible of the Malaysian tech start-ups in property and construction with the aim of becoming a loud voice towards the implementation of digital transformation in the built environment.


We connect and stimulate our members in having a global view by providing countless interactions with global players. We guide and advise Proptech players throughout their tech journey with workshops and advisory services to make sure their solution will be always top-notch in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.


We drive the attention of all stakeholders from the property ecosystem towards PropTech with seminars and publications on our website to make sure they will have a clear picture of what PropTech is all about.


There is much more that can be said, but instead, let’s have a personal conversation.


I look forward to hearing from you.